• FAQs About Young Adults And Health Insurance Plans

    Are you a new college grad or a young adult who is shopping for health insurance plans? If this is your first experience with insurance, take a look at what you need to know about coverage, policies, premiums, and your options. Can You Stay On Your Parents' Plan? Now that you're an independent adult, do you need to choose a new insurance plan? Even though some college grads and young adults do have their own coverage, others elect to stay on their parents' policy.
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  • Things You Should Consider When Thinking About Health Insurance Coverage

    Health insurance can be pricey, and someone who is not sick or dealing with chronic illnesses may not want to pay high premiums for coverage. The options available in the health insurance market vary greatly, and for anyone buying coverage, this allows for some customization and health insurance services that fit your needs.  Employer-Provided Coverage Health insurance services provided by your employer may offer some options that you should look at to ensure you have the coverage you need.
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  • 3 Things To Check When Looking For Medicare Supplemental Insurance

    When you reach a certain age or you are on Social Security Disability, you are qualified to get Medicare, which is a federally funded health insurance program. You may also have state-funded insurance or private insurance. Whatever insurance you are on, there are likely gaps that Medicare doesn't cover. That's why Medicare supplemental insurance exists. There are several insurance companies that offer Medicare supplemental insurance. You may be having a hard time finding the right policy for you.
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