3 Things To Check When Looking For Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Posted on: 26 May 2022

When you reach a certain age or you are on Social Security Disability, you are qualified to get Medicare, which is a federally funded health insurance program. You may also have state-funded insurance or private insurance. Whatever insurance you are on, there are likely gaps that Medicare doesn't cover. That's why Medicare supplemental insurance exists. There are several insurance companies that offer Medicare supplemental insurance. You may be having a hard time finding the right policy for you. There are some things that you can do that will help you find the supplemental insurance policy for you. 

OTC Medication Benefit

Some supplemental insurance policies offer a benefit that allows you to get certain over-the-counter medications for free. Or rather, the insurance will pay a certain amount per month or quarter for certain over-the-counter medications. Other than which OTC items the insurance will pay for, there may be other limitations. For example, the insurance company may limit which store you can shop at, but you may be able to shop in person or over the internet so that the items can be delivered to your house. 

Gym Membership

Another benefit that you might look for when checking out what supplemental insurance to get is whether or not they offer a program that will let you join a gym or other fitness facility. That will let you go to the gym and work on getting healthier and feeling better. The benefit may not allow you to join any old gym, but one that is a member of the program that the insurance offers. Generally, the insurance company will give out a catalog of the gyms that are members of the program. 

Network Doctors

You should also check to make sure that the insurance company is will cover your doctor. Not all doctors are going to be part of every insurance network, so, check with the insurance agent who is helping you sign up for supplemental insurance to make sure that you will still be able to see your doctor. 

If you have Medicare, you need to make sure that you get Medicare supplemental insurance. Spend some time looking at the various insurance companies and see if they offer something that works for you. It is usually fairly easy to sign up for the insurance once you have decided which insurance company you want to sign up with.       

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