Tips For Maximizing Your Medicare Prescription Coverage

Posted on: 8 July 2020

Making it a point to take prescription medications can be essential for managing a variety of health problems. For individuals who are enrolled in Medicare, it is particularly important to be mindful of their prescription medication needs and the type of coverage that basic Medicare will offer.

Understand That Prescription Coverage Is Unlikely To Be Provided By Basic Medicare Plans

It is important for individuals that are anticipating needing prescription medications on a regular basis to appreciate that basic Medicare coverage will have limited or no coverage for most prescription medications. This can leave individuals needing to pay full price for potentially expensive medications that they need to remain healthy. As a result, it is often the case that individuals will find that they need to purchase a separate policy that is designed to supplement the coverage from Medicare so that individuals can avoid having to pay full price for their prescriptions.

Assess Your Prescription Needs Before Each Enrollment Period

Each year, there will be two enrollment periods during which individuals will be able to sign up for Medicare and the various supplemental policies that they want to add. For those that are currently on Medicare, it will still be useful to consider their anticipated prescription needs for the coming year when this enrollment period approaches. If your health needs have changed and you find that you will need prescription medications on a more frequent basis, you may be able to save substantial amounts on your medical costs by upgrading to a supplemental plan that provides more robust coverage for prescription medication costs. Unfortunately, individuals that simply renew the same plan each year may fail to be able to take advantage of these higher savings.

Take Advantage Of Generic Prescriptions Whenever Possible

In an effort to reduce the costs of meeting your health care needs, you may find that opting for generic versions of drugs whenever possible can allow you to dramatically reduce the out of pocket expenses that you must pay while still providing you with effective medications for your health problems. Furthermore, the coverage from Medicare prescription policies will typically skew heavily towards generics, and some of these policies may even refuse coverage for name-brand prescriptions if a generic is available. By discussing this preference with your doctor, you can help ensure that they prescribe a generic whenever it is possible so that you can enjoy the most coverage from this part of your policy.

Contact a medical insurance professional to learn more about Medicare prescriptions.


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